Biden actions against oil and gas industry producing ‘chilling effect’ against energy workers: George P. Bush

February 10, 2021

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s immediate moves against the oil and gas industry produced a “chilling effect” against energy workers around the country.

“With this flurry of executive order activity, it sends a chilling effect, not only to the industry, but hard-working individuals throughout our country that rely on these jobs to put food on the table, and it’s a meaningful issue for them and is sometimes lost by coastal elites,” Bush told “America’s Newsroom.”

Biden’s early actions including canceling the Keystone Pipeline at the cost of 11,000 jobs and suspending new oil and gas permits on federal lands. Republicans have blasted Biden for what they view as pandering to the left on environmental causes and reducing U.S. energy independence.

Bush said he wanted to give Biden the “benefit of the doubt” but said the new president had shut out the oil and gas industry from having meaningful discussions.

“I’m afraid that we’re going to have to be in the courts to find redress,” he said.

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