George P. Bush: Time to empower Texas with real conservatism

June 23, 2020

When the recent audio tapes surfaced that showed top Empower Texans officials attacking Governor Greg Abbott in profane, obscene and offensive language, the group’s executive director, Michael Quinn Sullivan, publicly stated that he was shocked by these comments.

He shouldn’t be. For years, he and his organization have distorted the truth and attacked officeholders who don’t seek his approval. I know because I am one of them. And the comments that have been made about me have been just as extreme and untrue as what was heard on the audiotape. The only difference is they’ve been made publicly.

As the only statewide, non-judicial, elected official in Texas who has not received an endorsement or a contribution from Empower Texans, I am uniquely qualified to say: enough is enough. Enough of the lying. Enough of the crude comments made in public and in private about fellow Republicans.

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