Texans Know the
Leader We Have in


National Border Patrol Council

/ /

“George P. Bush knows that our borders are the most critical homeland security threat our state currently faces. As a longtime friend to the National Border Patrol Council, he has consistently stood up for our men and women who serve to protect Texans. As Attorney General, George P. will fight to secure and protect our border.”

Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County

/ / Bexar County

“Commissioner George P. Bush has shown unwavering support for the law enforcement community,” said the Bexar County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. “It is essential that Texas is led by a strong, ethical, and qualified leader; George P. has exemplified this consistently as a public servant, attorney, and military veteran. As our officers put their lives on the line to enforce criminal law and serve the people of Texas, we need assurance that the highest legal office in the state has our back. We are proud to endorse Commissioner George P. Bush for Attorney General of Texas.”

Texas Young Republicans

/ /

“The Texas Young Republican Federation is proud to endorse George P. Bush in his bid to be Texas’ next Attorney General. Commissioner Bush has been a strong supporter of YRs for many years. In 2014 he became the first YR elected to statewide office. His track record of challenging the status quo is an example we wish to see in YR candidates running for office at every level.”

Mayor Mattie Parker

/ / City of Fort Worth

“Commissioner Bush has been a strong and honorable leader for Texas. As a Navy Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan, he has gone above and beyond to provide services for Texas Veterans. During his time as Texas Land Commissioner, he has improved transparency, amplified funding for public education, and stood strong against the federal government’s overreach on Texas lands. As our next Attorney General, George P. Bush will restore integrity and never give up the fight for the people of Texas.”

James Baker

White House Chief of Staff for President Reagan / / Former Secretary of State / / Former Secretary of the Treasury

“George P. Bush is a man of great integrity who has dedicated his life to public service based upon the conservative principles that I support. George understands the critical role that the rule of law plays in our society and he will be a steadfast partner to our men and women in law enforcement. I support my good friend George P. Bush, and I hope that all Texans will support him.”
— James A. Baker, III

Former Secretary of State Rolando Pablos

111th Texas Secretary of State / /

“I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General of Texas.  I know him very well.  He is a true Texan, a patriot and an honorable public servant.  He will fight in defense of this state we love and its people; especially our most vulnerable: our seniors, our disabled, and our youngest generation.”

Manny Ramirez

President / / Fort Worth Police Officers Association / / Fort Worth

“As Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush has been a great friend and partner to law enforcement. It is critical, now more than ever, that we have an Attorney General who will proudly support our brave men and women on the thin blue line, and stand against the radical attempts to defund the police. George P. Bush has stood side by side with law enforcement every step of the way, and I am proud to offer my endorsement.”

Chief Gilbert Guerrero

Chief of Police / / / Donna

“It is my honor to announce my support of George P. Bush for Attorney General. It is clear to me that he truly cares for the Texans that have dedicated their lives to protecting our state and values. A U.S. Navy Veteran himself, Commissioner Bush understands the sacrifice and dedication of serving our nation. He has shown time and time again, that it is his priority to make sure that our military veterans are taken care of. He has proven his support for law enforcement, and I know that as Attorney General, he will continue to back the men and women in blue. Commissioner Bush has seen the threat our state faces at the border first hand, and he is prepared to take action and ensure a strong and secure border. Our Attorney General must embody the qualities that it takes to be the top law officer of the state. This requires honesty, integrity, and overall respect for the Office and the people it serves – and I firmly believe that Geroge P. Bush is the man for the job.”

Judge Ted Poe

For U.S. Congressman / / / Houston

“As our next Attorney General, George P. Bush will lead our State in restoring integrity and leadership to Texas’ top law enforcement office. As a prosecutor and judge for more than 30 years in Houston, I know the importance of having an Attorney General that will uphold the law. Texas needs a fighter who will actively work to put human traffickers behind bars, back our men and women in blue, and take tangible steps to secure the Texas border. And that’s just the way it is.” -Ted Poe (Former District Judge and Member of Congress)

Congresswoman Kay Granger

12th Congressional District/ / / Fort Worth

“George P. Bush has dedicated his time in office to taking care of our military Veterans and ensuring that Texas has stood strong against the federal government. I’ve dedicated years to promoting our homeland security and ensuring that Texas remains free from government overreach and I’m proud to have George P. in that fight with me. I know that he is up to the task of being our state’s top law enforcement officer and will fight for our state both here at home and in the courthouse.”

Morgan Cisneros Graham

Chairman & State Committeewoman, SD-27, Republican Party of Texas / TRI President / / / Cameron County

“As the Cameron County Republican Chairwoman, State Committeewoman for the Republican Party of Texas, and (above these) Texan, I desire to see honesty and integrity restored to the office of Attorney  General of the State of Texas. I am confident that George P. Bush can not only earn the title honorably, but will ensure that Texans can once again be proud making him their choice. I am honored to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General of the State of Texas.”

Major General Al Zapanta

U.S. Army / / / Irving Texas

“George P. Bush is a proven leader, a public servant, and a fighter for Texan values. He’s also the only candidate in this race who has served our country in the military. As a U.S. Army Veteran myself, I know what it means to drop everything and put your life on the line for your country. George P. did exactly this during his time in the Naval Reserves and Afghanistan deployment, and he has spent the last six years as Land Commissioner and Chairman of the Veterans Land Board serving and honoring Texas Veterans, day in and day out. Texans need a leader who will put our troops first; I’m proud to endorse George P. as the clear choice for Attorney General of Texas.”

Retired Officer Dennis Farris

President of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association / /

“Commissioner George P. Bush has shown relentless support for our men and women in blue across the state. As the President of the Austin Retired Police Officers Association, I understand full well the danger our law enforcement face, especially here in Austin with decreased staffing and an unchecked District Attorney. Our current Attorney General Ken Paxton has failed to have our back in pushing against Austin’s liberal leadership, and it’s time for a change. I am confident that George P. Bush is the strong leader the law enforcement community needs for this role.”

Nelson Balido

Border Security and Commerce Council / Chairman / / US Navy Veteran/ / San Antonio

“Throughout our careers, I have had the honor and privilege of working with George P for nearly twenty years. There is no other person I can think that can restore honor and dignity back into the office of the Attorney General of Texas. Human trafficking, illegal immigration, trans-criminal organizational networks are at an all-time high, and George P is not only a person that understands these issues; he knows how to make a real difference. We need a real leader with real Texas values that is not afraid to champion liberty and justice for Texas and that is George P Bush.”

Former Ft. Worth Mayor Betsy Price

Former Ft. Worth Mayor / / Candidate for County Judge / / Fort Worth

“Fort Worth is an extraordinary place. As one of the few major cities in the United States with conservative leadership, we need an Attorney General in Texas on our side, fighting with us to preserve our values and freedoms. Commissioner George P. Bush has been a longtime advocate for our law enforcement officers, our religious freedoms, and human trafficking survivors. I am very proud to support him as Texas’ next Attorney General.”

Constable Mark “Maddog” Davison

Constable / / / Pct 3 / Liberty County

“I am supporting George P. Bush for Attorney General of Texas. I feel his legal mind and well-rounded experience as a Naval officer and attorney are what’s needed to be our State’s top law enforcement officer. He has a proven track record in energy, fiscal conservation, a secure yet humane border policy, and a strong sense of the future through the preservation of Texas’s historical past. George P. Bush doesn’t ride on his family’s name… He rises above it. And he has my vote for Texas Attorney General.”

Karen Newton

Immediate Past President / / / Galveston

“Texans deserve an AG that they can be proud of. George P. Bush has been one of the best, most conservative, Land Commissioners in Texas history, and I can’t wait to see what he’d be able to do in the AG’s office.”

Mayor Rick Morales

Mayor / / / Donna, Texas

“I’m asking all Texans to please vote for my friend George P. Bush. No one cares more about South Texas and has a proven record supporting us than Commissioner Bush!”

“Le estoy pidiendo a todo Texas que por favor voten por mi amigo George P. Bush. A nadie le importa más el sur de Texas que a el. No hay duda que George P. Bush nos ha dado su apoyo constantemente!”

Sheriff Otto H. Hanak

/ / Washington County

“Since 1981, I have been a proud member of Texas law enforcement ranging from a State Trooper to a Texas Ranger and now the Sheriff of Washington County, the Birthplace of Texas. It is an honor and privilege to support George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General whose leadership and values will undoubtedly bring back the integrity and respect that the Attorney General’s office requires.”

Judge Rowdy Rhoades

Judge / Former Sheriff / / / Moore County

“Moore County is a small county at the top of Texas with lots of industry. It’s nice to know that we have someone that we can count on and that takes the time to listen to us when we need help! I am proud to endorse George P Bush for our next Attorney General of Texas. Thank you Commissioner Bush! “

Victor Avila

ICE-HSI Special Agent, Ret. / /

“I endorse George P. Bush in his race for Attorney General. I have seen first-hand the consequences of lawlessness and the grasp of the Mexican cartels. I suffered multiple gunshot wounds during a violent ambush by the Los Zetas cartel, and I have seen the victims of human trafficking and smuggling operations. As someone who has dedicated my life to serving these victims and ending the horrors happening on our border, I can tell you that we need an Attorney General leading Texas who exhibits strength, integrity, and grit; George P. Bush is the one for this role. He has consistently demonstrated his commitment to keeping our great state safe and putting a stop to those who violate our laws.”

ICE-HSI Special Agent, Ret.

Keven Ellis

Chair of the State Board of Education / / / Lufkin

“As Chair of the Texas SBOE, I have worked directly with Commissioner Bush in his role on the School Land Board. This has allowed me to see firsthand his focus on maximizing distributions to the school children of Texas via the Permanent School Fund. I am confident that the character of the individual I have gotten to know, will serve him well as Attorney General of Texas.”

Jason McCahan

Constable / / / Nueces County

“I lead 10 full-time Deputies and 10 Reserve Deputies as Constable of Nueces County, Pct. 2, and I can tell you that every single officer, at least one point in time, has wondered if they would make it out of a situation alive. Enforcing the law is not an easy or safe job. It’s incredibly important that we have a strong Attorney General in office ready to go to bat for us and lead the state in defending our values.”

Senator Charles Schwertner

State Senator SD 5 / / / Georgetown

Constable David Thacker

Precinct 1 Constable / / / Brazoria County

“Texas is notorious among the rest of the nation for being the state that does not tolerate disregard for our laws. This sentiment should be reflected from the Office of the Attorney General. I am confident that George P. Bush will bring integrity and honor to this leadership position, and I am proud to endorse him in this race for Attorney General in Texas.”

Joy P. Ellinger

Former SREC 24 Committee Woman / Former Taylor County Republican Party Chairman / /

“In a few months, Texans will have an opportunity to elect a Republican candidate for Attorney General. My choice for this position is George P. Bush. As Texas Land Commissioner, Bush successfully fought for citizens’ private property rights and as AG will protect us against federal overreach.

Bush will stand up for all Texan’s rights!”

Reid Ryan

Owner/CEO of Ryan Sanders Baseball Inc. / /

“I’ve known and worked with George P. Bush for many years. He is a level headed, common sense leader that will work hard for the people of Texas.”

Georgetown Mayor Josh Schroeder

/ / Georgetown, Texas

“I am supporting George P. Bush in the race for attorney general. As a local elected official and a practicing attorney, I believe that it’s imperative for Texas to have a skilled and steady hand in this office. I know that George P. Bush will serve our state well.”

Councilwoman Mackenzie Kelly

District 6 / / Austin City Council /

“As the only conservative member of Austin’s City Council, I continually push back against the liberal agenda for soft on crime policies. This is extremely difficult, however, without a strong, capable, conservative Attorney General to fight these liberal policies in court. George P. Bush is the leader our state needs to support conservatives across the state who are fighting to keep Texas red and keep our cities safe. I am proud to fully endorse my friend, George P. as our next Attorney General.”

Kevin Behr

Chief of Police / / / Coastal Bend College

“As a law enforcement officer of over 30 years, I support Commissioner George P. Bush for the position of Texas Attorney General. I believe him to be a staunch supporter of progressive law enforcement for the State of Texas. He will restore public confidence and respect for the Office of Texas Attorney General and will continue to be a strong advocate for police officers and other first responders throughout the great State of Texas.”

Representative Sam Harless

State Representative / / / Harris County

“I am proud to endorse my friend George P. Bush for Attorney General. As AG, George will bring a fresh perspective to the office, and fight for our conservative principles, like the right to life, securing our southern border, and standing against the radical defund the police movement. I hope Texans everywhere will join me in supporting George P. Bush for AG.”

Mayor Anthony Williams

Mayor of Abilene / /

“As Mayor of Abilene, I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General. As Land Commissioner, George P. Bush has been a great friend to our oil and gas community, and as AG, I know he’ll continue to be a champion for jobs.”

Councilwoman Marissa Ximenez

Place 1. Councilwoman / / / Floresville

“In years past, South Texas has been ignored by statewide candidates. George P. Bush has broken this mold, pouring his time and energy into every corner of our state to understand the needs of all Texans. I am proud to endorse him as the best choice for our next Attorney General.”

Sheriff Chanze Fowler

Sheriff / / / Hartley County

“I am endorsing George P. Bush for the office of Texas Attorney General.  George took the time to reach out to me and many other Sheriff’s across the State.  George was genuinely concerned about issues that I felt were important.  While most would have focused on the big cities, George focused on the entire State.  The Attorney General is the States Chief Law Enforcement Officer.  It is refreshing to know that our Attorney General, should George be elected,  will fight for justice and protect the lawmen of Texas.”

Tarrant County Constable Jon Siegel

Constable / / Precinct 6 / / Tarrant County

“As a United States Navy Veteran, George P. Bush has upheld his constitutional duty to this great nation. As Attorney General, he will bring that same dedication to upholding our rule of law. He will fight against the radical liberal policies and anti-police rhetoric that will always back our men and women in blue.”

Brenda Gammon

TFRW Member / / / Johnson County

Sheriff Johnny Carter

/ / Wheeler County

Ambassador Sichan Siv

Former United States UN Ambassador / Member of Texas Board of Criminal Justice / /

“I have known George P. Bush and his family since 1988. He is the leader that Texas needs now. His integrity is unparalleled and is a proven leader with courage to do the right thing. He will fiercely advocate for the needs of all Texans. I am honored to endorse him for Attorney General.”

Councilman Dave Martin

City Council and Mayor Pro-Tem / / / City of Houston

Representative Doug Miller

Former Representative / / / TX 73 / New Braunfels

“I have known George P. for over 20 years. He was raised in a family where integrity means everything. Integrity is absolutely what we need in our Texas Attorney General.”

Sheriff Alden Southmayd

/ / Bee County

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Bee County as their Sheriff. I know that our community has our first responders’ backs. We need an Attorney General who will stand just as strong for our law enforcement and bring justice to lawbreakers.”

Council Member Don McDaniel

City Council / / / Dayton, TX

“I’m proud to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General because I can count on him to put Texas’ best interest at heart. He’ll stand strong against the Biden administration’s radical agenda and proudly backs our LEO and border security community. In times like these, we need a conservative fighter like George P.”

JT Edwards

Former State Republican Exec Committee / / / Houston

“Commissioner Bush is one of the finest Republican leaders I know. He is a brother veteran, a teacher, an amazing Dad, and a world-class leader. His efforts as our Victory 2016 Republican Party of Texas Chairman was relentless and tireless as he worked to secure Texas for President Donald J. Trump. A very early supporter of President Trump, George P. outworked everyone to bring the White House back to our Party. Having worked alongside of George P., I can firsthand attest that his candor and commitment as our Attorney General will advance our cause of being the Lone Star State of Conservatism in our Union. In fact, I can go to God’s Court with that.”

Mark Allen

County Judge / / / Jasper, TX

Joacim Hernandez

Chairman / / Texas Young Republicans* / / McAllen

“As a young activist in the Republican Party of Texas, it’s refreshing to see candidates like George P. Bush lead the next generation of conservative leaders by example. When elected, he will restore integrity to the office of Attorney General and put an end to scandals that damage our party’s image.”

Commissioner Chris Kirkendall

County Commissioner / / / Hardin County

“It is my honor to support George P. Bush for Attorney General. He sincerely cares for the people of Texas. As General Land Office Commissioner, I saw his compassion and energy in responding to Harvey while I served as the President of the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. He is the right person to lead the Attorney General’s Office.”

Sharon Wilkey Batterson

Former President / / North Cameron County Republican Club /

“George P Bush has my support for Attorney General of Texas, because of his honesty and integrity. He has a genuine relationship with the people of deep south Texas. And he is his own man, having endorsed President Trump twice.”

Hilda Garza DeShazo

Former Member McAllen Independent School District, Place 2 / /

“I’m supporting George P. Bush because he is the only statewide official who has invested time and resources into the grassroots in Hidalgo County. Additionally, as an officeholder he helped address vulnerable flooding areas in Hidalgo County by allocating funds to provide relief in flood zones.”

Representative Stefani Carter

Former Representative / / / District 102-Dallas

“As Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush brought in much-needed funding for Texas schools through the abundant mineral rights available on state-owned land. He also oversaw the transition of The Alamo from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas to the Texas General Land Office. Commissioner Bush has done it all, from serving his country, to teaching and venturing into the business world, to founding two investment firms. In all he does, George exemplifies the best attributes that a public servant could have, and I believe he is a great candidate for Texas Attorney General.”

Former Fort Worth Mayor Pro Tem Jungus Jordan

Former Fort Worth Mayor Pro Tem / /

“Our Nation and the people of the State of Texas are faced with huge challenges that threaten our Constitutional freedoms and national security. I trust George P. Bush to lead the fight to ensure the America First Agenda with integrity.”

JJ Koch

County Commissioner / / / Dallas

“George P. Bush is a man of tremendous integrity. He has proven his leadership skills throughout the entirety of his career. I am proud to endorse him for the office of Texas Attorney General.”

Gary Fickes

County Commissioner Precinct 3 / / / Tarrant County

“The citizens of Texas deserve and need an Attorney General who will serve with honor and integrity. George P. Bush is that man.”

Jim Ross

Arlington Mayor / /

“I am confident that George P Bush possesses the integrity, the passion, and the experience needed to be the next Attorney General of Texas. As a former Police Officer and U. S. Marine, I understand the importance of the top law enforcement person in the state possessing these traits. George P. Bush is just that man.”

Ron Agnew

Republican Precinct Chairman Pct.146 Travis County / Pflugerville Republican Club / / Pflugerville

“I endorse George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General. We need conservative leaders to lead the state of Texas and I know he will do an outstanding job as Texas Attorney General.”

Andy Webb

Vice President-Board of Trustees / / Georgetown Independent School District /

“George P Bush is exactly the conservative Republican that Texas needs right now!”

Sgt. Tre Pennie

M.A., Ed.D. Dallas Police Department/ / US Army Veteran /

“George P. Bush has remained responsive to the needs of our law enforcement officers and their families. He once flew in overnight to honor the sacrifice of our “fallen” officers on Memorial Day. That’s the type of leadership that we need in Texas.”

Scott Heselmeyer

Williamson County Treasurer/ / / Round Rock

“We have the great privilege of living in the greatest state in the greatest nation on Earth.  The success of Texas has been built on the bedrock conservative principles of integrity, honesty, and service above self.  That’s why I’m supporting George P. Bush for Attorney General.  Texans deserve an Attorney General who embodies the character that makes Texas great.  I know that we can count on George P. Bush to uphold those values.”

Adrienne Peña-Garza

Texas Vice-Chair, Republican National Hispanic Assembly / / Hidalgo County GOP, Chairwoman / / McAllen, Texas

“George has proven to be a leader that cares more about the people he serves than himself. He is a strong, disciplined leader and a true champion of the grassroots. He will not look the other way no matter the situation. His passion for law and order, checks and balances in rural communities make him stand apart.”

Beto Salinas

Former Mayor '98 - '18 / / Businessman, Developer, Rancher / Mission, Texas

“I supported George P. Bush for Texas Land Commissioner in 2014 and 2018 because of his strong conservative values. His belief in transparency and fiscal responsibility have made him an effective Land Commissioner. I have no doubt that as our next Texas Attorney General he will work tirelessly to promote a safe and fair state.”

Mayor Chris Boswell

Mayor of Harlingen / /

“I am extremely happy to support and endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General. He is a great Texan who will provide outstanding leadership to the office of the Attorney General. I know he will inspire trust and confidence to both those he leads and those who serves. Local governments rely on the Attorney General’s office for so many things from legal opinions to bond financing and we need someone who has a proven track record of supporting our local leaders.”

Councilmember Brent Erenwert

Councilmember Position 6 / / / Friendswood, Texas

“A familiar face to Texas, but new face to this position, George P. Bush brings the character needed to restore the required integrity as our next Texas Attorney General. He will continue the fight of protecting our citizens, securing our borders, backing the blue, and defending the state of Texas.”

Congressman Bill Flores

Former U.S. Congressman / / / Waco

“George P. Bush is a solid, conservative leader who lives our strong Texas values – integrity, accountability, respect, resilience, selfless service, and intelligence. He represents the next generation of dynamic, thoughtful conservative leaders who will propel the Lone Star State to further greatness for the benefit of our hardworking Texas families. For these reasons, I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General of Texas!”

David Hays

Ret. Williamson County Commissioner / /

“Texas deserves an elected official who has a proven track record of standing up for our men and women in blue, leading with strength and integrity, and an official who seeks to restore law and order. George P. Bush is that man and I am honored to support him in this race to be the top legal officer in the State.”


Jeremiah Williams

Director, Upper Brushy Creek WCID / Williamson County Republican Precinct Chair 202 / /

“George P. Bush is a selfless public servant for the State of Texas.  He will prosecute the traffickers and protect the innocent.    And as a plus, he’s not under indictment as is his opponent.  George will bring integrity back to the Office of Texas Attorney General.”

Hays County Constable John Ellen

/ / Hays County

“The men and women I work with behind the badge understand the risk they face on a daily basis and continue their service nonetheless. This boldness and sacrifice inspires me every day. It’s important to me that this state is led by someone who understands this as well and will use every tool in his arsenal to support our law enforcement community. That man is George P. Bush, and I’m proud to support him as Texas’ next Attorney General.”

Eric W. Holland

Mayor Pro-Tem / / / Beeville, Texas

“Texans deserve an Attorney General that will not only work with local governments to keep our cities safe, but will also bring back integrity and accountability to that office. I believe George P. Bush’s proven work ethic and transparency will help restore and defend traditional Texan values that families of our state can depend on. That’s why I’m endorsing George P. Bush for Attorney General for the State of Texas.”

Charles Carter

Precinct Chair / / / Williamson County

“It’s past time we bring back trust and integrity to the Attorney General’s Office.  Texas deserves only the best and George P is that person.”

Ray Sappington

Sheriff / / / Cooke County

“As a Texas Sheriff, I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General. We are facing extreme challenges in law enforcement today. We hear chants of “defund the police” along with negative rhetoric aimed at law enforcement. As Texas Attorney General, George P. Bush will proudly stand up for law enforcement and stand strong with the men and women who proudly protect the great State of Texas every day.”

Rodney Anderson

Chairman, Dallas County GOP / Former Rep. Texas House Member / / / Dallas

“George P. Bush has been a friend to north Texans for many years. He’s always been willing to help where needed, such as when he negotiated new leases for land owned by the State. His innovative actions poured millions of dollars into public education. He served Texans first as an officer in the Navy Reserves, deploying to Afghanistan, and afterwards as Texas Land Commissioner. Once again he is answering the call to service. Texas needs George P. Bush as the top lawyer for the State of Texas. He will bring the same creativity and decisiveness to the office of Attorney General as he did the Land Office. I am proud to support George P. Bush for Attorney General.”

Commissioner Donald “Dude” Payne

County Commissioner / / / Brazoria County / Precinct 1

“I am proud to support Commissioner Bush in his campaign for Attorney General of Texas. No one listens to our local elected officials like Commissioner Bush does. I have full confidence in his ability to lead as our Texas Attorney General”.


Sheriff Mike Pigg

Sheriff / / / Childress County

“Being in law enforcement for nearly 40 years, and the Childress County Sheriff for just over 16 of those years, I have learned that to be effective you have to be vigilant about everything you do. I believe that George P. Bush will maintain the same vigilance required to be the greatest Attorney General Texas has had in many years. I also believe that Mr. Bush will always put the needs of fellow Texan’s ahead of his own.”

Bowie J. Hogg

Vice President - Board of Trustees / / / Arlington Independent School District

“I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General. He is the only candidate that understands the challenges our students and teachers face daily and how important education is to the future of Texas. As a businessman and school board member, I am confident George will act in the best interest of all Texans.”

Commissioner J.R. Ashley

County Commissioner / / / Marion County

“Commissioner George P. Bush has served Texans honorably over the past few years and I am proud to support him in this election. His legal expertise, statewide leadership, and military service uniquely qualify him as the best pick for Texas’s next Attorney General.”

Constable Danny Sullins

Constable / / / Hardin County

“The security of our community is my number one priority. The people of Hardin County value our faith, family, and freedom. The Texas Attorney General’s office is a critical resource for ensuring our laws are upheld. We need an Attorney General who appreciates our Texas values and will fight to restore law and order to our state.”

Councilman Benny Puente Jr

Councilman Ward 2 / / / City of Beeville, TX. 

“As a fellow veteran I give my full support to Commissioner Bush.”

Sheriff Chad Miller

/ / Concho County

“I am proud to endorse Commissioner Bush for Attorney General of Texas. I believe Commissioner Bush possesses the leadership skills and experience to lead the office in a positive direction for the people of the State of Texas.”

Former Mayor of Floresville Daniel Tejada

/ /

“Integrity is everything when it comes to the law. It is incredibly important that we have a capable, honest, and upright Attorney General leading our state. I am confident that Commissioner Bush will restore integrity to this office and serve the people of Texas with honor.”

Commissioner Jason Grant

Precinct 1/ / Commissioner Jason Grant / / Navarro County

“I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Mr.Bush. We have hunted together and enjoyed a dinner together.  I believe he is honest and has a great love for the state of Texas.”

Sheriff Kevin Ellis

/ Leon County /

“Our law enforcement officers continue to face attacks on all fronts, from local government defunding attempts to physical assaults towards our officers on duty. It is more important now than ever to have an Attorney General in Texas who supports our law enforcement community and embodies the rule of law in word and deed. The leader for this is clear – I am proud to endorse George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General, a conservative fighter who will make Texas stronger than ever on rule of law.”

Constable John Leake

/ / Burnet County, Precinct 3

“I am endorsing George P Bush for several reasons. He is a proud American that served in the United States Navy and supports and understands the hardships we in law enforcement make on a daily basis. He is attentive to making Texas his priority and after visiting with him I’m convinced he’s the man for the job.”

Constable Jason Johnson

/ Precinct 2/ / Kaufman County

“In my 29 years of law enforcement/military, I’ve seen politicians that talk the talk. Politicians that promise one thing, but then do the total opposite to better themselves. George P. Bush is a true leader, and will walk the walk. He knows what it means to put your life on the line to serve your fellow man. As the only veteran in the race, it’s an easy choice and honor to endorse George P. Bush.”

Constable Kathy Jividen

Retired Constable / / / Hood County, Precinct 3

“I’m endorsing George P. Bush because he stands with law enforcement and will actually deliver the resources we need. He’s got the leadership to get it done. “

City Manager Brooks Williams

City Manager / / / City Ferris

“Commissioner Bush has my endorsement and support! He has been a strong and honorable leader for Texas. I know as the next Attorney General he will lead our State in restoring integrity and leadership to the top law enforcement office. We deserve an Attorney General we can be proud of and I’m confident that is George P. Bush.”

Constable Ray Myers

Constable / / / Polk County / Precinct 3

“Law enforcement in our state is under our attack. Texas needs an Attorney General who is willing to back the blue every single day. I am proud to support George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General. George P. will uphold the standards of integrity and honor that our state expects and deserves.”

Constable Aaron Burleson

/ / Victoria, Texas, Precinct 4

“Texas is a law and order state. The security of our communities is our
number one priority. As our next Attorney General, George P. Bush will
stand strong for our men and women in blue.”

Ruth Schiermeyer

Former Chairwoman / / / Lubbock County

“I am proud to support George P. Bush for Attorney General. It is well past time we restore integrity and honor to the Office of the Attorney General. The past few years we have had more scandal and distraction when we needed ethical leadership. The people working in the Texas AG’s office deserve better from their leader, and George P Bush is the person to deliver.” – Ruth Schiermeyer, former chairman, Lubbock County Republican Party”

Constable Stephen Bowser

Precinct 1 Constable / / Wood County

“I stand with men that keep their word. Thank you Commissioner Bush for being a man of your word.”

Sheriff Robert Cartwright

/ / San Augustine County

“Commissioner Bush has shown strength, integrity, and support to the law enforcement community throughout his term as Land Commissioner. I am extremely confident in his ability to lead the states top legal office as Attorney General. George P. is the leader Texas needs right now and for the sake of the law enforcement community, it’s critical we get him elected.”

Sheriff Brent Warden

Sheriff / / / Oldham County

“Law Enforcement officers face violence and difficulty at every turn. As such, it is important that we receive the support and leadership at the statewide level from the Attorney General. I’m proud to endorse George P. Bush as the man who has consistently shown support for our community and has a track record of fighting for what’s right.”

Jason Brinkley

Former Cooke County Judge & former Justice of the Peace / / / Cooke County

“Texas needs an Attorney General that will work with local officials and will serve this State with integrity. George P. Bush will do both. That is why I am honored to endorse George P. Bush for Attorney General.”

Constable Colton Havard

/ Precinct 1/ / Newton County

“George P. Bush has been a fantastic Land Commissioner and will be an even better Attorney General.”

Commissioner Chuck Statler

Taylor County ,Commissioner  Pct. 4 / / Past President County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas /

“We need an Attorney General that we can be proud of. Not one that is an embarrassment.”

Constable Pat Jordan

Constable / / Pct. 4 / / Van Zandt

“As a Law Enforcement veteran for the past 40 years, I have seen criminal laws being dumb down and sentencing for criminals being reduced, leaving law-abiding citizens more vulnerable. It appears there seems to be a competition among lawmakers who can accomplish more for the criminal element. I feel that strong leadership starts with our State Attorney General’s Office and that is why I am endorsing George P. Bush as our next Attorney General. It’s time that we stand strong against those who look to weaken our society and I believe George P Bush will stand firmly beside us.”

Constable James Brawner

Brazoria County, Pct. 4./ / President of the National Constables and Marshals Association /

“Commissioner George P. Bush has continually voiced his support for our law enforcement community and shown true leadership throughout his time as a Naval Intelligence Officer and Texas Land Commissioner. As officers who risk our lives each day to administer justice and create order in our communities, we need a top legal leader who has our back. I am proud to support George P. Bush for Attorney General of Texas.”

Constable Jeff Anderson

Precinct 2/ / / Williamson County

“It is truly an honor to endorse and support George P. Bush as the next Attorney General for this great State of Texas. George is a conservative who will fight for the best interests of law enforcement, our families, and all the citizens of Texas.  I’ve been in law enforcement for 30 years and am currently serving as the Williamson County Precinct 2 Constable. In those 30 years, I have seen the best and the worst of situations dealt to professionals in law enforcement every day. We have lawlessness with open borders and some out there wanting to defund the police. We need someone like George to stand for this great State of Texas.  He will stand with us to steer Texas back on course. George is our man.”

Constable Abel Saldana

Precinct 4 Constable/ / / Palo Pinto County, Texas

“The safety of everyday Texans depends on the skill and strength of the Office of the Attorney General and his leadership for our law enforcement community. I am confident that Commissioner George P. Bush will make our state a safer and better place.”

Constable Devin Keen

Constable / / / Wilson County, Precinct 2

“I am proud to serve as a Constable in Wilson county to protect the people of Texas, and I am confident that George P. Bush has the leadership capabilities to do so as the state’s highest law enforcement officer.”

Constable Tom Selman

/ / Angelina County, Precinct 1

“Proud to endorse George P. Bush for Texas Attorney General. George P has expressed and promised strong support for Texas law enforcement. Officers everywhere will be proud to have a crusader on our side for fair and equal justice under the law as we all work together to maintain order and to protect the people and property of this great state from all offenders, both foreign and domestic.”

Edward Crawford

Edward Crawford

Navy Officer / Afghan Veteran, Bronze Stare Recipient / / Founder, President Coltala Holdings /  Co-Founder, War Veterans Fund /

“George P Bush signed on the line to fight for our country as a Naval Officer and deployed to Afghanistan.  George has taught in our schools and run a business in our great state. He has fought for our troops and for the people of Texas. Its time to have smart talented and high-character conservative leader in our state who doesn’t just fight for himself but who fights for the greater good.”